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Succession Planning

Succession Planning There is nothing more important in the life cycle of an organization than the transition to new leadership. This is equally true both in nonprofits and in for-profit corporations. The key to a successful transition is careful and deliberate succession planning. I am fortunate to have experienced this up close, first when I […]

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Book It and Ship It

In the manufacturing business, “Book it and ship it” can simply mean, “We’ve finished building this. Let’s fill the orders and move on.” But I’ve also used the expression more broadly as a way of saying, “No more dithering. We’ve done our best here; now let’s put the decision in motion and see what happens.” […]

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Who Owns the Monkey?

I’ve been building my collection of Morganisms—personal nuggets of business advice—throughout my career. I’m always collecting articles, lists, notes, and ideas while reading, listening to speakers, or just talking with people. One of my favorite Morganisms is called Who Owns the Monkey? Let’s say that one of your staff shows up in your office with […]